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ATA Black Belt Academy
America's Leader in the Martial Arts

  The ATA Black Belt Academy is a member of one of the world’s largest martial arts organization, The World Traditonal Taekwondo Union. The United States affiliate of the WTTU is the American Taekwondo Association.

  We offer what we believe is the best martial art in the world. Taekwondo is an exciting and powerful martial art known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques. Although these martial art techniques Are centuries old, our programs are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.

  We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength vary with each individual. Once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your physical capabilities and maximize your self defense skills. You will understand exactly what it takes, mentally and physically, to defend yourself or your lived ones should the need ever arise.

  At the ATA Black Belt Academy we are not interested in just teaching self defense, we are interested in the complete personal development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing all students to progress quickly and confidently toward their personal goals. Our instructors take their responsibility seriously as role models for younger students, teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.

  The teaching curriculum at the ATA Black Belt Academy is based on two concepts: positive mental attitude and high goal setting. We feel so positive about this program that we promise to give you and your family the most professional, well supervised and highest quality classes available in any sport or art.

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